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I put some gold on my neck I put some gold on my wrist I put some cash in my fist who else can do it like this x4 I put some cash in my fist (then repeat)
{1st VERSE}
Who else can do it like this leaving these bitch niggas pissed
I put some sounds in the whip the paint is a thot cause it flip
1St it was blue now it’s yellow I put rose gold on the bezel
Me I feel so presidential they biting my steez I feel so influential
bitch I am straight from the mil don’t know who fake or who real
I’m hungry I need me a mil kick down the door cause I need me a deal
niggas that hate on my progress they swallow they pride and it’s so hard to digest
niggas that watch me take off praying to god and they hope I fall off
You got your feelings involved the shorty you claim always give me a call
I do not pay her attention she don’t got no goals and she lacking ambition
24karet the chain hmmm shit I just made my decision
Trading them bands for them m’s can’t argue with that that’s the right acquisition
I got some drank in my cup and I gannis my hustle I’m all bout them bucks
Trying to rob me you shit outta luck ccw don’t even know it was tucked Broke niggas doing to much
They stunting wit every 100 they touch hoes say I’m so attractive I’m playing wit bands and I don’t got my taxes
{2nd VERSE}
I drop the top on the beamer who else can do this shit cleaner
Paint is so wet aquafina Jimmy choos fresh off the net like Serena
10,000 in my hand that’s light work yeah you probably got the bitch put I piped 1st
Stick Porter I can show you what my life like VIP everytime I hit the night life
I had the lex back in school yes I was acting a fool
I had the infinity to Maison margella let’s try something new
I put some gold on my feet yes I put some gold on my sneaks
bitches been calling all week I’m pressing ignore if I feel like they weak
I ain’t got no time to waste buying Moet by the case
Please get your girl out my face give me 5 feet I be needing my space
They know when I’m in the building me and my niggas be winning
fuck niggas all in they feelings stacking bands up on my way to a million

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